Trauma fucks with your sense of safety.

It takes practice to trust yourself to make decisions and form opinions.

Trauma is anything that our nervous system experienced as too much, too fast, or too soon.

So if you’re in a situation where it might trigger that nervous system memory, you’ll likely want to respond with SAFETY.

Here’s how it might play out:

➡️ On a first date and the person says, “so tell me about yourself” and your instinct is telling you to play yourself down, not say anything “too out there” and try to be palatable as to not scare them off and not be rejected

🚧 that’s your body responding wanting safety vs. your intuition might be to “just be yourself,” but because it requires a level of emotional vulnerability, it may not seem like the “smart” thing to do

➡️ Hiring a coach and their price is $10K and your instinct is to pull back, freak out, think about all the bills you need to pay and say “I can’t afford it” so you don’t assume any risk

🚧 that’s your body responding to want safety vs. your intuition which is to grow as a human, but because it requires using physical resources for an unfamiliar experience and requires emotional effort and responsibility to show up and make life changes, so it may not seem like a “smart” thing to do

➡️ Wanting to quit your job and start your own business but getting caught up with how you don’t know where to start, thinking it’s going to take a long time, you’re risking so much, and you’ll be super financially insecure if you do it so you decide to choose the “smart” route which is to stay in your job

🚧 that’s your brain responding to perceived danger and wanting safety in what’s familiar so you don’t die (which your brain is very good at convincing yourself of) nor waste any time, physical resources, social capital, reputation because of the *chance* of ✨failure✨ vs. your intuition which is saying, “I deserve more out of life”

Following your intuition does not guarantee safety (or success) but it’s there as a calling to pull you (sometimes aggressively) out of your comfort zone, and guide you to growth.

Recenter yourself with your intuition in this course.

"I have developed such a confidence and trust with my body and myself that I am so grateful for."

Grace B.

"I wish I had been taught these skills to manage my mind, feel my emotions, and regain control in my life sooner"

Jungao H.

"I didn’t realize was how much my mindset was truly holding me back- now I know how to reset my mind and reinvent myself."

Kacey W.

Course Curriculum

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  MODULE 1: the courage to BE
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  MODULE 2: the audacity to LIVE
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  MODULE 3: the confidence to SUCCEED
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  MODULE 4: the humility to SURRENDER
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  Guided Meditations
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What's Included?

  • 4 Modules with 21 lessons to complete at your own place
  • 10 Guided Meditations to connect deeper with yourself
  • The "Find Your Self" Course Workbook and Coaching Companion filled with over 150 pages of guides, worksheets, tools, resources, and journaling prompts to aid in your transformation
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls to get support implementing the concepts, deepen your transformation, and connect with your peers.
  • Lifetime access to the entire course AND all future additions to the course vault at no added cost.

Lifetime Investment: $2500

Meet Your Life Coach

Jen Cui is a certified life and mindset coach helping self-aware individuals master their mind so they can stop holding themselves back and create fulfillment and inner peace.

After going through her own journey to redefine herself and her life post trauma, depression, and burnout, she was called to inspire others to prioritize their wellbeing and teach others the power of the mindset, resilience, and acceptance.

She's now on a mission to empower others to go beyond an ordinary life and experience the full depth of the human experience. In her work, she guides people to discover who they really are, what they really want, and help them intentionally create a life they genuinely love. She facilitates breakthroughs and provides insights so people can see the root of their problems and create a clear path forward, allowing clients to have a higher quality of life.

Jen is also the host of the “Creating a Fantastical Life” podcast, dedicated to helping people tap into their own wisdom, go beyond their fears, and confidently live life on their own terms.